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Non-Profit Organizations

Learn about Non-Profit Accounting in Tampa, FL

From stringent cash flow management, to the adoption of the accrual accounting, non-profit businesses face many challenges that for-profit businesses may not. At Guardian Accounting Group we provide non-profit accounting services in Tampa, backed by experience and professionalism.

Non-Profit Compliance and Bookkeeping Services

As a part of comprehensive support for non-profit businesses, Guardian Accounting Group provides clients with compliance services to ensure their organizations maintain tax exempt status. We ensure that 990’s and other necessary paperwork is filed on time, allowing non-profits to continue operations as 501(c) organizations.

Along with compliance services, our Tampa non-profit accounting professionals provide bookkeeping services based on the accrual method. This style of bookkeeping allows your organization to record donations and other revenue, as well as recording expenses as soon as they are pledged or incurred. Our firm also helps to ensure that necessary taxes for unrelated activities are recorded and paid, without affecting your overall exemption status. With our support, your organization’s records are kept accurate and up-to-date, allowing you to reduce the barrier to obtain funding.

Reporting and Projection Services

Understanding your non-profit’s current financial standing and prospects for funding is essential to its success and growth. Guardian Accounting Group provides statements of financial position to help you understand the value of your organization’s physical and liquid assets.

Once your non-profit’s position has been established, we provide budget projection and cash flow management services. Understanding the cash flow difficulties that non-profit organizations face, we help you access new sources of revenue and ensure that your non-profit can lower overhead costs to create long term viability.

Non-Profit Payroll Services

While tax exempt as entities, non-profits pay employees, officers, and directors of non-profits and have to account for regular taxes, Social Security, and Medicare fees for their the workers. At Guardian Accounting Group, we support non-profit businesses with outsourced payroll services to ensure that withholdings are effectively adjusted and regularly paid to the state.

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Whether you are in need of non-profit accountants to handle your employees’ payroll, or compliance support throughout the year, contact Guardian Accounting Group today. We provide comprehensive non-profit accounting services throughout Tampa, Carrolwood, Hyde Park, and the surrounding communities. 

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