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Tax Planning

Tax Planning in Tampa, FL

At Guardian Accounting Group we provide proactive tax planning and preparation services throughout the year. Lowering your tax liability does not begin or end with tax season, and we work with businesses and individuals throughout Tampa and the surrounding communities to find deductions, credits, and potential strategies for lowering liability on a consistent basis.

Tax Planning for Individuals

Guardian Accounting Group works with professionals and self-employed individuals, helping them to make effective choices that lower immediate and long-term tax liability. Our strategies are customized to your needs and can include the use of 401k contributions to offset your taxable income. We help individuals to determine whether any of the following choices can help lower your liability in successive tax years:

-          Deferring Income

-          Deferring Charitable Contributions

-          Maximizing Mortgage Interest

-          Deducting Union Dues

-          Harvesting Capital Losses

We have experience providing tax planning services self-employed individuals in a variety of industries, and keep ourselves available for questions and communication throughout the year. Our Tampa tax professionals also have experience in trader tax planning. To learn more about our trader tax planning services, click here.

Business Tax Planning

In addition to tax planning for professionals and individuals, Guardian Accounting Group offers comprehensive business tax planning services. We work with businesses to create proactive plans that ethically lower tax payments and help business owners make decisions that allow for growth. Our clients are taught how to take advantage of applicable write-offs for, such as:

·         Travel

·         Gas

·         Food and Entertainment

·         Office Equipment

·         Gift Expenses

Businesses with employees can also use provided benefits a deductible expense, including paid vacations and any discounts on the goods and services you provide. For these businesses, we also provide services that take care of your regular payroll tax needs.

For real estate business owners, we help to identify and capitalize on depreciable assets lowing liability for years to come. IRS Section 1031 can also be used to defer capital gains for real estate businesses frequently selling and reinvesting in properties.

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If you are looking to reduce your personal and professional tax liability, contact our firm today. Guardian Accounting Group provides comprehensive tax planning services for individuals and businesses throughout Tampa, Carrolwood, Hyde Park, and the surrounding communities.

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